Dream The Impossible

Many people are afraid to have a big dream. They said if a big dream is impossible. And, even i found if some people are living without dream. They only life with let it flow and don't have clear purpose about life. So, i want to write about dream in order that we can have a dream the impossible and make it possible. Impossible is nothing.

So, everything starts from dreams. Dream is vision. In vision, we have purposes why we are dreaming of. If we know about our dreams, we have to make missions how to reach the dreams. Coz, we can't only have dreams, but have to take actions.

From me, i don't have a dream, but i have many dreams. I live this life with not only one dream, but many dreams, coz the more you take dreams, the more you can achieve. But, not just dreaming, but must take actions.

We are just ordinary people, but please think out of the box and take an extraordinary dream. Coz, if we just have an ordinary dream, we just like others. We must to be different. Just think big, guys.

And sometimes, people think something is impossible. Yeah, it's coz human's bad logic and that's mean if you are pessimist. So, just wake up and realize if you can't always be like that.

Believe in God if nothing is impossible. Dream the impossible. Expect the impossible. Coz we have an extraordinary God. Don't be afraid, just surrender all to God and do your best. So, i believe if God will do the rest and bless you as always.

Don't worry, but think if i can. Just to be optimist. And i encourages you, if you failed, don't let it bring you down, coz it's not only about success, but it's all about learning.

Believe in God, believe in yourself, and believe in your dreams, and then wake up and running to achieve them. Take more actions, don't just take more dreams. Achieve your dreams, don't give up if you feels it's so hard, don't be afraid to be failed, but always fighting and optimist. Be thankful of every single process in your life coz the processes is very precious to be learned by you.

Finally, just surrender all for whatever will be happened later, and always thanks to God for everything had happened in your life. How about your dreams can be achieved or not are depends of God will and your actions.

Thanks. God bless.


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wahahaha.. abis speech buwat cadre ni>0<


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